NOTICE!! Dr. Beasley is available in the office if you are fever-free and otherwise well. Virtual appointments are also available. Please plan to confirm by text (423-443-2120) how you’d prefer to meet prior to your appointment.

New patients are encouraged to schedule through the online scheduler below.  Please note that new adult patient visits are 50 minutes and new child and adolescent visits are 75 minutes to accommodate the extra complexity of minors.  All new patient visits are $350.

Existing patients, if you feel that you need more than 25 minutes for follow-up please choose the psychotherapy visit type to allow for 50 minutes.  It is important that Dr. Beasley stay on time because every patient on the schedule is equally important.  So, if your visit is running longer than scheduled you may be asked to schedule another visit.

Extended established patient visits $300

Follow-up medication visits $155